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Border collie is ‘born to be opera singer’ and stuns TikTokers with soulful performance

The talented dog even received praise from London’s Royal Opera House, with one viewer saying ‘I want this dog to sing at my funeral’

A border collie has left social media users stunned with his amazingly harmonious singing performance.

The dog, who is called Nicolas, went viral on TikTok after users were left in awe by his impressive vocals.

Nico likes to perform powerful renditions as he sits high up on a windowsill, hitting a range of high and low notes.

Julia Szypulska, who lives in Warsaw, Poland, uploaded the operatic video that put the spotlight on Nico with the caption, ‘Born to be opera singer.’

The dramatic performance was such a hit, the video soon began racking up millions of views and comments full of admiration for the opera star.

The retail assistant says Nico has been singing ever since he was a puppy and now he sings everyday.

The 16-month-old pup is also blue and white compared to his black and white siblings, so he’s extra special.

Julia, 19, said: “He starts singing when he is happy or when he wants our attention.”

But Nico has attracted more attention than expected. His most popular video received almost seven million views and 2.2 million likes.

Fans flooded the comments applauding the dog’s talent and begging for more.

One user said: “The pain, the drama, the tragedy,” while another said: “The more I listen to this, the better it gets.”

Other users praised Nico for “singing a whole octave in a minor key” and suggested he could make a living with his talent, saying “He’s giving this performance for free?!”

Another said: “He’s wagging his tail because he knows he killed it,” while another went as far to say, “I want this dog to sing at my funeral.”

Nico’s soulful tone was compared to the likes of Ave Maria, Phantom of the Opera and 80s hit Careless Whisper.

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But the highest praise came from London’s world-famous Royal Opera House.

“Amazing stuff!” they said. “We’ll be in touch soon.”

Julia was shocked at the response it got. She said: “This was my first video on TikTok, so I definitely didn’t expect so many views.

“He makes me happy and I’m so proud. He can always cheer me up.”

Nico has a good chance at becoming an opera star with his newfound fame, and Julia has promised more impressive singing videos in the near future.