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Find out if you could make it to the end of a horror film in our Halloween quiz

The characters in horror films often make infuriating decisions, leaving viewers at home screaming in frustration, rather than in terror, as another needless death occurs

It’s nearly Halloween, which means it’s time to watch the most terrifying films known to humankind.

One of the most frustrating things can be watching the characters make terrible decisions, again and again, meaning they don’t stand a chance of surviving.

But could you do better?

Would you be able to handle a tiny Victorian girl dressed in a pristine white nightie floating in the air?

How would you feel if you wake up on a camping trip with friends to discover that all of them are missing?

Do you know what to do if a mysterious package arrives – and keeps reappearing in the house, despite putting it in the rubbish over and over?

If you really are a horror film fanatic, chances are you know all the cliches that the characters fall for every time.

So you might stand a chance if a serial killer escapes in your town, or you accidentally purchase a haunted house.

In order to celebrate Halloween – and the ridiculous horror films where no one has any common sense, test your knowledge here.

Good luck!

If you did survive, maybe you should consider booking into ‘Dread and Breakfast’ – one of Britain’s spookiest hotels.

The new hotel promises guests a ‘terrible night’s sleep’ with services including prank calls, banging on the walls, random blood-curdling screams throughout the night, and even uninvited visitors entering their rooms.