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Woman relieved after finding her dog is behind her constantly ‘filthy’ windows

Anna Dunford, from Plymouth, Devon, couldn’t figure out why her windows were always so grubby – but then she found her dog would sit there licking them all day

A woman is relieved after finally discovering why she constantly had ‘filthy’ windows after catching her dog mindlessly licking them.

Anna Dunford, 36, has two Siberian huskies, Bear and Baloo, and for the past two years her windows had been growing increasingly hard to keep clean and she had no idea why.

Then one day, her mother was looking after the dogs and went to prepare their food in the kitchen, and to de-stress the process she shut the dogs in the next room, separated by a door with glass windows, as Plymouth Live reports.

The hungry dogs lined up to watch as their dog-sitter scooped out their food, and as she glanced back she noticed that eager Baloo had his nose pressed against the glass and was licking away in anticipation.

Anna, from Plymouth, Devon, said: “Baloo makes a habit of this pose. He licks the glass when he is watching something happening and he wants to come in but is shut out the room.

“If we are in our kitchen and he wants in, he is licking the window. It always amuses our guests who have come round to visit him a lot recently.

“He has such a character about him, if he was human he wouldn’t be the sharpest tool in the shed that’s for sure.

“No wonder my windows are filthy. He really does make me laugh.”

Anna attributes Baloo’s unusual habit to his unique personality and added that he is the loving and caring one out of the pair of dogs.

She continued: “I have been pregnant recently, and during my pregnancy around 7pm each night he wouldn’t rest until he could lick my feet.

“It was gross, he would sit licking them for an hour at a time, and he really wouldn’t settle unless I allowed him to do so.”

Anna shared the pictures of her goofy Husky’s behaviour on Facebook, and it has attracted lots of attention from people who couldn’t help but laugh at the pup.

The post has received more than 1,000 likes with many people commenting on the comedy moment saying ‘what a goofball’ he is.