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Man shamed by boss after saying he can’t come into work as girlfriend didn’t wash his socks

Ken Moore, from Bristol, has publicly shamed a worker who claimed he couldn’t come into work because his girlfriend hadn’t washed his socks – but people aren’t convinced he was telling the truth

We’ve all experienced those chilly winter mornings when it’s tough to get out of bed, and you’re desperate for an excuse to call in sick to work.

But one man left his boss speechless with his wild excuse for having to skip a day.

Ken Moore, from Bristol, was left speechless after a scaffolder at his company text in to explain there was simply no way he could attend work that day because his girlfriend hadn’t washed his socks.

Ken was so stunned, he posted a screenshot of the message on social media and it went viral with many user shocked and amused by the worker’s brazenness, provoking dozens of sarcastic comments and hundreds of reactions.

The sweary workman, who is unnamed, blamed his girlfriend in an expletive-laden rant about how “she ain’t washed f*** all” so he had no socks to wear.

Doubling down on the excuse, the scaffolder claimed he could not come in without any socks on because his boots had “big holes in,” before shrugging it off with a brief apology and informing Ken that the van keys were “in the box as usual”.

While Ken did not try to hide his fury and told the employee that had it been anyone else he would have fired them, he let the man off and told him “see you tomorrow”- to the shock of many online, who thought he deserved to be sacked.

Many commenters were even less convinced by the excuse than Ken was, and some suggested that he could be simply covering up for a having been out the night before.

“Can’t you buy some socks on your way to work?” pondered one.

“Would you not just wear dirty socks? Backpackers wear them for six months at a time. What a p****,” exclaimed another.

A third added: “Why not just say you will lend him a pair. See what his excuse is then.”

Another user suggested the boss Should have turned up at the worker’s house with a fresh pair of socks.

Someone else recounted how a friend of theirs had used not having any sandwiches as an excuse to skip work for the day.

Others couldn’t believe how lenient Ken had been and demanded he sack the man for leaving him in the lurch.

“And I thought I had heard them all,” wrote one baffled boss.

“Used to work with a lad always made it in but was always 20-30 mins late different excuse everyday. Comical after a bit.”

“[Where] the f*** in the excuse book did he find that one. Original to say the least,” chuckled another.

Another was certain the man was inventing an excuse due to tiredness, claiming: “Legit excuse for when you haven’t slept a wink and there’s just no way you’re facing the world.”